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The Process of Olive Oil

Pressing olive oil at Wardija Step 1:
Once selected, the olives are placed in the machine, which then separates them from any remaining leaves and other impurities. 

 Step 2:
The olives go in a container while the leaves and other impurities go in a separate sack. 

Step 3:
The olives are passed through a pipe by means of air where they can be washed.

Step 4: 
After the olives have been passed through a pipe and washed, they are now put in the trashing so that they are crushed, whole, by centrifuge force.

Pressing olive oil at WardijaStep 5: 
Then the olives are passed into a trashing; they are transformed into a paste, complete with the stone. The resulting paste contains tiny droplets of oil.

Step 6:
This is drawn together and separated from the other ingredients by blending and spinning in a mechanical process completely void of chemicals or heat. 

The Result: 
This is the 1st cold pressing of Pure Olive Oil.