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Gilded or soft green, as thick and perfumed as an oriental spice, the unctuous extract of olive oil demands costly investment to ensure its cultivation, harvest and production. The inevitable result is costly, yet nutritious and therapeutic nectar that helps promote good health, especially with regard the heart and bones. Olive Oil also helps stimulate circulation, enhances the complexion and strengthens the hair.

Once selected, the olives are placed in the machine, which then separates them from any remaining leaves and other impurities. The olives go in a container while the leaves and other impurities go in a separate sack.

Pressing olive oil at Wardija

The benefits form olive oil consumption for the human organisms are many. It reduces the blockage of arteries and also helps reduces the blood pressure of arteries

Wardija Premium Maltese Olive Oil

A vitamin found in greater amounts in the green olive relish is the vitamin E; which acts as an anti-aging antidote. This is due to the fact that one of its ingredients is ground almonds. Thus supplying the olive relish with a higher amount of calcium, which is essential and should be included in everyone's diet.