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The Company

Pruning olives at Wardija, from left Sammy Cremona, Rocco Brondolisio from the Agri. Inst. of Bari and Vince Schembri Senior Foreman at the Ministry of Agriculture Wardija Premium Pure Maltese Olive Oil was first established 6 years ago when Sammy Cremona decided to take the task and discover whether it was feasible embarking on a project that was destined to satisfy curiosity. It was a shame, he though, that a typical Mediterranean island should stay stripped of its olive trees and its people continue to east the olives and oil of other Mediterranean countries while making no effort to test the genuine nature of locally grown olives.

Thus in October 1999, Mr Cremona traveled to Sicily - with his 600Kg of olives - to get the olive oil tested. The results issued by the laboratory in Sicily depicted a produce with an oleic acid of below 0.5%. This is attributed primarily to the high alkalinity of Malta's soil.