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Olive Oil a Medicinal Balsam

Wardija Premium Olive Oil Gilded or soft green, as thick and perfumed as an oriental spice, the unctuous extract of olive oil demands costly investment to ensure its cultivation, harvest and production. The inevitable result is costly, yet nutritious and therapeutic nectar that helps promote good health, especially with regard the heart and bones. Olive Oil also helps stimulate circulation, enhances the complexion and strengthens the hair. 

Since the ancient times, the olive oil has been one of the first examples of recycling and respect for the nature. Each by-product can be used; the wood from the tree, the leaves, the fruit and the actual extract itself. 

The work is arduous: To September up to December is when the crop is beaten from the trees. At this time of the year the olive displays its colour, from green it changes to purple, black or yellow. Its pure nectar can only be produced in warm climates, such as right here in the heart of the Mediterranean. The olive is a fruit that demands impeccable care during the complete process: harvest, transportation and extraction necessary to achieve oil of the finest and highest quality. The sting of an insect or any slight abrasion causes acidity, dampness and fermentation.